Random: Edge Magazine Is Teasing A “World Exclusive”

Random: Edge Magazine Is Teasing A “World Exclusive”
Edge’s teaser…does it look like Hornet to you?

The Edge Online Twitter account recently shared a tweet about its magazine’s next issue (out 31st December) and it has sent Hollow Knight fans into an absolute frenzy.

As you can see in the reply tweet below – the image on display is believed to be a close-up shot of Hornet. This character, in case you didn’t know, is the star of the upcoming Hollow Knight sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Edge editor Jen Simpkins added to this, telling her followers to “Git… hype” for this “world exclusive” – which as fans of Hollow Knight have noted, is an interesting choice of words. She’s also responded to a number of tweets referencing Hornet and Hollow Knight, and even told some followers they are “quite close“.

The last time Team Cherry provided an update on Silksong was earlier this year when it said the game would launch when it was ready. Do you think the Hollow Knight fans are onto something? Tell us below.