How To Defeat The Bonemass And Get The Wishbone In Valheim

How To Defeat The Bonemass And Get The Wishbone In Valheim

Viking survival sport Valheim is filled with harmful encounters, from errant skeletons and mosquitos to falling timber. Nevertheless, the boss encounters just like the Bonemass are undoubtedly far more troublesome and lethal than different customary biome inhabitants. The Bonemass is the third world boss in Valheim, after Eikthyrnir and The Elder. So, how do you beat it?

Discovering The Bonemass

First, you will have to know the place the boss is! The Bonemass will be present in Swamp biomes, so be looking out for runestones in Swamp areas and within the Sunken Crypts. Your world will include a number of spawn places for every boss, so in case you are exploring a number of swamps or have a number of groups combing areas, chances are you’ll discover multiple spawn level for Bonemass. You probably have the choice to sort out the Bonemass in several places, choose the one which includes the least crusing and the least going by way of tough biomes like Plains.

This subsequent half is vital for any boss (besides possibly Eikthyrnir) however just remember to assemble a portal and a tough dwelling someplace secure close to the boss. It is totally attainable that you just would possibly die, and you want a fast strategy to get again to your physique to recuperate your loot and/or proceed the combat. Belief me, you do not need to be constructing a ship each time you need to get again after a mishap solely to get slaughtered by some random blobs or leeches on the best way again to your physique.

Summoning The Bonemass

You are going to want bones. Withered bones. Particularly, you will have ten withered bones every time you need to summon up a Bonemass. These will be present in abundance within the Sunken Crypts dotted across the swamps, so it is best to be capable to accumulate a lot. Then, you will have to go to the purpose on the map the place you have recognized the Bonemass location. Search for a large glowing inexperienced cranium, it is onerous to overlook. Clear completely all the things else round it to make sure that you will have the least attainable possibilities of getting attacked by another enemies throughout the boss encounter. Bonemass spawns his personal further companion enemies, so you actually don’t desire even a single different potential foe coming into the combat.

Combating The Bonemass

Every part was straightforward till now. You are going to need to take the very best meals you will have into this battle, because the Bonemass can dish out unbelievable injury over time with poison and packs an extremely highly effective punch. The Bonemass additionally summons toxic blobs and annoying skeletons repeatedly throughout the combat, and you’ll want to cope with them as quickly as you possibly can. Earlier than you start this combat, you’ll completely need to fill up on consumables, particularly anti-poison mead and therapeutic potions. With out poison resistance, you will be enjoying a dangerous and doomed sport right here, as his big tidal wave of inexperienced goo is inevitably going to hit you sooner or later. Convey the very best gear you will have, hopefully upgraded iron, and a great blunt weapon.

Using one of many area-of-effect blunt weapons will be instrumental for controlling the tide of summoned enemies alongside the best way. Do not anticipate to have the ability to take out Bonemass with ranged weaponry like The Elder, as it would shrug off ranged injury prefer it’s nothing, so you will need to get in and get soiled at nice danger to your individual individual. Because of this, I recommend that you just amp your meals potential with some Lox meat from the Plains biome. The Plains should not secure, and stuffed with mosquitos, goblins, and the large lumbering Loxes. You may simply hold Loxes at bay as they’re very sluggish, and you may cook dinner their chunks for some top quality tier meals. Additionally instructed are sausages or jam to get that hit level pool as excessive as attainable. If you’re fortunate, a Sunken Crypt will be close by the summoning location that you could pull the Bonemass to. In the event you and your crew battle close to the Crypt, you possibly can duck into the security of the dungeon if issues get too scorching to deal with exterior. Inside, you possibly can heal up and put together to proceed the combat.

The Bonemass Rewards And Past

The Bonemass drops a trophy and one other vital merchandise that may change your interactions in all zones, the Wishbone. The Bonemass trophy unlocks a brand new particular magical impact that you could activate on the ringed stones the place you flip all of the boss trophies in, and offers you resistance that may aid you in fight as an activated capacity. The opposite curious drop from Bonemass is the Wishbone, which is able to allow you to uncover silver ore in addition to turning into a form of treasure compass.

With the Wishbone energetic (it takes up your “belt” slot) you’ll hear chimes and see visible cues as you stroll alongside by way of areas that perform as a “scorching/chilly” meter that may lead you to buried treasure, sunken deposits of iron, and extra! Whenever you get to the apex of the magical pulsing and beeping, bust out your pickaxe and begin digging! You could find all types of helpful stuff beneath the earth. In the event you’re exploring with a crew, solely one in every of you must have the Wishbone energetic, and all different gamers can see it pulsing on that individual. In the event you deal with the division of belt slots this approach, your different crew members can nonetheless have their mighty mighty belts geared up for optimum ore yields!