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What You Need to Know about Herpes Cure Remedies

Herpes is the most common disease transmitted through intercourse. Besides, the virus is in the form of two types the first type affect the mouth part and the other genital parts. The symptoms of herpes are marked by small blisters and sores in the lips or the genital part. Herpes treatment does exist. There happen to be medications to help cure the symptoms of the disease. Therefore the natural remedies are the most preferred nowadays by people.

People are so different, and also they have had experiences differently, so everyone has to experiment the treatment in their way. Silica gel soothes and eases the affected area and is more effective if kept in the fridge. The tree tea oil is best preferred as a natural remedy for herpes and as well as other variety of diseases. This is a straightforward natural remedy that helps the sores to heal very fast. At first you have to wash the infected area then you will have to sprinkle the given powder later on.

Furthermore, there is the method of applying black tea bags such as the earl grey. There is also the method of using lemon balm which gives an excellent wash for the genital area. After that, you will need to steep the solution for about twenty to thirty minutes after that you strain it. The first tea is for general strengthening of the immune system and the brew can be taken daily with no effects that are adverse to the system.

From the stress levels reducing then herpes will be controlled. The herbs help to shorten the healing time of the outbreak of herpes. To add on there is the aromatherapy method which is the purest form. The oil does not only help heal genital herpes just but also the external sores can even be recovered faster. Furthermore what you eat may as well contribute to the reduction and prevention of herpes. But not all fruits but limit themselves to eating citrus fruits since they are so acidic.

Alongside that, one gram of citrus bioflavonoids is recommended to be taken once a day. The main reason why lysine is so active is that herpes outbreak is often stimulated by an imbalance of the amino acids, arginine and lysine. With this, it is a point of defence against the virus. Furthermore, one should try their best to avoid intercourse until wholly healed . With this in mind, it is possible to prevent further spread of the herpes virus.

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