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The Good Health Benefits With Tantric Love Making

Sexual activity nowadays is totally different than how it was before and are more less intimate as well.

Before, foreplay is given so much attention in any sexual intimacy, which most have not considered of importance today. However, this new norms in sexual intercourse or activity is not applicable to tantric love making because it applies all the pre needed act to achieve its goal. This is a Hindu practise that had been existent for over 5,000 years to promote physical and spiritual health by taking sexual sensational experience into putting effort in it.

Mutual understanding and trust is required in this form of sexual activity, and orgasm is not the main focus but the cultivation of energy and working of the mind and body to achieve its potential benefits through a slow, progressive, and prolonged act. Since this is a no rush form of sexual activity, both parties have a common agreement to take the foreplay and act as long as they can manage to engage in just in physical connection but emotional and spiritual as well. It is not hard to achieve as long as both partners are open to the idea and what it brings after the activity, and they can both plan a setting, acts or activities that will allow stimulation and cultivating desire for a more intimate sexual practise.

More often than not, men have the most to work on in this kind of sexual ritual, where all the pleasure that a woman needs have to be given with effort and passion thus making each vulnerable to their wants. The man has to pamper a woman like a goddess, that will allow the woman to practice her sacredness and the man can also cultivate his appreciation and adoration skills, a ritual that can make the tantric love making more meaningful. The essence of making longer or prolonged act of intimacy increases positive sexual experience that, in turn, will release healthy hormones serotonin, HGH, DHEA, and Oxytocin that are beneficial to the sexual and overall health of a person.

There had been many confirmations that proves that the process is done in tantric love making having increasingly improved the quality of sexual activity for partners as well as their well being and their fitness and health overall that makes the effort worth doing.

However, partners will make their sexual experience meaningful and always a fulfilling one, it always relies on their commitment towards each other that is important.

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