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FIFA 19 Crossing Tutorial

In this article of FIFA 19 crossing tutorial, we will discuss all the different techniques to locate superb players from crosses. However, Crossing in the video game FIFA 19 serves as an underappreciated skill. So, if you want to use the classic crossing, then definitely this article is for you.

What is Crossing?

In FIFA 19, a crossing is a primary key component, as the players from around the globe regularly locate themselves in the massive positions. After having large build-up play to set up themselves into critical crossing positions will not be really effective if they can’t pinpoint a cross. Furthermore, you will be losing many goal opportunities. The players with fascinating heading attributes will depend on crosses constantly being eliminated throughout the game. However, in FIFA Ultimate Team, spending a lot of FUT coins on a physical forward definitely will not be really beneficial to players if they aren’t sure in their crosses. Crosses in this game are regarded as being over-powered. With this method, being capable of the master the video game crossing can offer several chances to do many goals to advance through the game.

To be one of the best FIFA players, you can’t afford to have really small links in your game. Although there’re many crossing techniques, it’s really vital to not over-complicate the crosses. Moreover, the key element is to use accurate power with perfect heading attributes to overcome all the obstacles.

In this article, we will define several types of crosses and which are best for you to do while playing the game.

The FIFA 19 Crossing Tutorial

The main element to remember is that when crossing in the game feature tracking the runs of the players in the box. This element enables the player to load the respective power on the bar to approach the best position, enabling him to smash the ball home. However, to cross the ball, you need to use Square (PlayStation 4) or X (Xbox One). Even though the Artificial Intelligence does most of the vital work in this game, but players will still need to load the specific amount of power in the right order. If players options in the available box aren’t great, then there’re changes that probably players can’t cross the ball. So this scenario needs two and a half to three bars of accurate power.

FIFA 19 Settings

In this game, a setting is the main attribute and the player’s setting will also define the amount of the control the player has over his cross. Helped setting will only need the player to maintain the power bar,  but the semi-assisted will enable the player to adjust the direction, as well as manual,  will leave him on his own.

FIFA 19 Power Bar

In the critical scenario, players should begin loading their power bar when the striker is about two meters away from the available defender. Then the power bar should be around two and a half to three bars and the ball will reach just in ahead of the six-yard box, over the defender for the player to power home.

FIFA 19 Low Driven Crosses

While playing the game, the low-level drive crosses are executed by pressing X and holding RB/R1 or Square as I told above. However, these are really vital to use if you really want the pass the ball to your player speedily. Performing these actions can be performed in six box yard and may be really dangerous.

After having a variety of crosses enables the players to use the best but one needed for the scenario that arises. Therefore, this will be provided more effective deliveries, making the player job of completing the changes easier. While playing the game, the player needs to learn all these different types of crosses and allow them to bring the player more success in Division Rivals and FUT champions.

Some of the vital aspects to keep in mind are the following:

  • Body Shape
  • Timing Your Runs
  • Eyeballing Matchups

When playing the game, you don’t need to forget about the power of the chipped cross either. You can install some of the prettier goals that you’ll have to ever score by reaching and executing this often forgotten gems of the offensive arsenal.