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Guidelines To Claiming Unpaid Wages In California

It actually happens a lot and can happen to anyone, that working in one place or another doesn’t end as well as you hoped. Claiming your unpaid wages should be done despite that fact that it can turn from bad to worse really fast. It is, after all, wages for work you did do. See below some tips for claiming unpaid wages in California.

Begin by carrying out research. Ask a friend or a former colleague how they might have gone around it especially those that have indeed have been in this same situation. Check the internet for more information Read more from the online forums, the blogs, and even the social media platforms. Find out more from the reviews and feedback from people that have had to do this before.

It is very important to contact your employer and ask for your unpaid wages. This should be in written form via a letter or an email. Make sure you have articulated the details well so that there is no misunderstanding. Copy the letter to the leader of your trade union as well as that will have you covered on all sides. Be sure to copy the letter to the head to the trade union you belong to so as to keep them informed, you might need their input later on. Be clear on the letter the time you are to move on to the next step.

You will need to now involve a third party in this case if your employer does nothing even after you have talked to him about this. Contact your local trade union, a conciliation service or seek legal advice from a law center. Your appointment letter and your pay slips will help prove that you were working for the employer as you claim, carry them with you when you go meet this third party you have chosen.

The employment tribunal allows you less than three months to get your case in court because when it hits three months, you will not be able to. The earlier the better but make sure that by the 29th of the third month, your case it already in the hands of the tribunal. You can still involve the employment tribunal while the third party is still trying to get you a solution but it seems to bear no fruit. These cases most times don’t run their full course because settlements are reached by the parties and the cases are, therefore, withdrawn.

In case you do take the case to the employment tribunal, you will need someone to represent you. If you have a friend who has knowledge of employment law, he can represent you or you could find a lawyer who is good at this. At times you find that your relationship with your employers is not very clear, there has to be a hearing for this first.

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