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How an Economic Damage Expert Can Strengthen a Case of Personal Injury

In a case of personal injury, damages that are not economical such as suffering and pain will most of the time get the most of the attention by both the defense counsel and the plaintiff. However, an economic damage expert that is competent and experienced can help in increasing greatly the value of the claim of a plaintiff. The experts are able to this by calculating and defining the different losses that are suffered by a plaintiff as a result of an injury.

A theory that is commonly held by the trial consultant jury in the cases of personal injury is that in most cases the juries do not know how to place an amount of dollar on the suffering and pain of a plaintiff. Without an amount of dollar that is finite of the suffering and pain of the plaintiff, jurors may take the number of losses that are economical and multiply that figure by a number that is arbitrary. In the case that the plaintiff has suffered only an economic loss that is small, then it is likely that the jury will find a small amount that is similar for suffering and pain. Likewise, in the case that the loss that is economical is not quantified and accessed in a manner that is proper, it will be difficult to support arguments for other types of damages.

Economic experts will typically give testimonies on an opinion regarding the sum of money the plaintiff did not, or will not receive because of the injury that the person
has suffered. The money that is claimed to be lost by the plaintiff mostly includes wages that are lost, the earning capacity that is lost, business profits that will be lost, and payments made to others for services incurred because of the injury. An economic expert will not offer any opinions related to bills or expenses that are medical considering that the stipulation of the damages is on the records of medical billing.

An economic export helps a person in determining the losses that are economic that can be recovered. In the case of personal injury, a plaintiff has the entitlement of recovering ant and all losses that are monetarily brought about by the injury. In injury cases that are smaller, damages that are economic are easy to calculate and can be relatively straight forward.

An economic expert helps in consulting for the discovery. In most cases of injury, certain damages information that is economical is always requested in discovery including the age of the plaintiff, extent, and nature of the injury, and the status of employment of the plaintiff at the time of the injury. However, in cases that the damages that are economical can be significant, the lawyers will likely dedicate a portion that is large of discovery to the problems. Lawyers for both the defendant and plaintiff most of the time turn to experts of economic damage to identify the documents that need to be utilized in evaluating the economic losses of the plaintiff.

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